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Wordpress Plugins: Listed for Jan. 2008


OutOfDate – plugin which shows a message above all the posts older than the specified number of months. Provides and option to customize the message, layout and number of months beyond which posts should carry the message.
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WordPress: The best of and most useful WP plugins

Now is a round up of my favorite wordpress plugins, and those I deem essential for a successful wordpress blog. I’ve decided to use this entry to list all of the best and most useful Wordpress plugins, broken down into categories, and include a brief description of each.
Some of these plugins in list I personally [...]

Timytyping – [Wordpress Plugin] used to typing vietnamese on the page

What is WP-Timytyping?
WP-Timytyping is a Wordpress plugin and used to typing vietnamese on the page.
Plugin Name: WP-Timytyping
Description: Wordpress Plugin, used to typing vietnamese on the page
Version: 1.0.1
Author: Timy Dang
Tested on WP 2.3.+
used Avim Version: avim20071006.js from Hieu Tran Dang
packed on 11.03.2008

Download wp-timytyping.rar
Unpack the *.zip file and extract the /timy-typing/ folder and the files

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