Top of excellent free Magazine Style Wordpress themes for professional Blogging

Top of excellent free Magazine Style Wordpress themes for professional Blogging

Looking for the excellent free magazine style Wordpress themes? Would you like making your Wordpress a pretty good look as Content Management Systems (CMS)? Of course, there are so many great free magazine style Wordpress themes helping you to do with it.

I present you my over 10 top favorite of excellent free Magazine Style Wordpress themes for professional Blogging. One of them used for my Blog. Here we go!


Overstand Theme by FakeBlog.de

Live Demo | Download



BranfordMagazine by DER PRINZ

Live Demo | Download



Four wonderful themes by Justin Tadlock

Option theme: A too-many-options-to-count quality WordPress theme. It is highly customizable with multiple home page sections, widgets, and much more. This is what WordPress themes should be like.

Live Demo | Download


Structure Theme: A theme for news-magazine sites with a blog-friendly option too. It includes built-in video and image features that easily allow you to customize your site. There are content blocks that you can place virtually anywhere on the page.

Live Demo| Download


Vision Theme: A theme for news/magazine sites. It includes built-in video features that easily allow you to add videos to your site.

Live Demo | Download


Newspaperize – A 910px, fixed-width, widget-ready theme. Its focus is for news blogs and sites. The template makes it easy to get a lot of information to the user as quickly as possible, but in a stylish way.

Live Demo | Download



The Morning After by Themasterplan.in

The Morning After is a magazine-style theme for WordPress created by Arun Kale. The theme was created based on a brief survey on the WordPress forums about what people would want to see in a unique magazine-style theme.

Live Demo | Download



Mimbo by Darrenhoyt.com

Mimbo – is a magazine-style Wordpress theme which makes extensive use of WP’s template tag system to create a non-traditional layout. It contains no images and only minimal CSS styling. Mainly it exists as a clean, grid-based starter layout for designers to install and style to their own liking

Live Demo | Download



The Massive News WordPress by Wpelements.com

Massive News WordPress theme is a premium theme for a not so premium price, FREE. Massive News is a two column Widget enabled theme which is very clean, fully customizable and very simple to use.

Demo | Download



WordPress Grid Focus by 5thirtyone.com

WordPress Grid Focus is a three column WordPress theme created and distributed free of any dependance of WordPress plugins. Convenient navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages in order to provide your visitors with ample opportunity to continue exploring. Category archives are presented via a JavaScript shelf which can be found at the top of the page.

Demo | Download


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  1. @tieuyeu: sư tỷ giúp được gì đệ nào? cái login sư tỷ sử dụng plugin của blue anvil, nếu đệ thích thì load về dùng, có gì đệ cứ trao đổi (với dk để lại url của đệ) ;)

  2. Đại ca, đại ca chỉ em dùng cái Structure Theme đi, làm sao tùy biến nó giống như đại ca làm vậy đó. Ví dụ đại ca thêm cái mục Đăng ký ở trên cùng…. Giúp em với, em đang tập tành..

  3. Hey, i’ve been waiting on this one, they are free and really awesome.
    Keep on rolling guys, you rock.
    big thanks to u.

  4. yes! this is great magazine theme.
    For readers and for SEO