Wordpress Plugins: Listed for Jan. 2008


  1. OutOfDate – plugin which shows a message above all the posts older than the specified number of months. Provides and option to customize the message, layout and number of months beyond which posts should carry the message.
  2. Blogger to WordPress RedirectionThe plugin allows you to redirect individual blogger posts to their respective posts in WordPress. The redirection will help you send search engine users to the right post on your new WordPress blog.
  3. RelatedPosts - provides a variety of options for displaying posts that are related through tags.
  4. FeedEntryHeader - allows you to add a copyright statement and a link to the original article, to the top of your feed entries.
  5. Latest Post Category - allows you to display the latest entries created in each category of your blog.
  6. Calendar Cloud - displays yearly calendars containing 12 months weighed by their post counts.
  7. Limit Posts Automatically - lets you automatically choose when to cut your post excerpts on the front page.
  8. Pipholic Latest Edited Widget - lets you easily display which entries you’ve edited recently.
  9. Voice Comments - lets your readers record voice comments on your blog.


  1. Tags Autolink - automatically turns every tag name, when used in posts and pages, into a link the to the same tag archive.


  1. Comment URL Control - will allow you to remove unwanted author-URIs entered by a commenter with one single click of your mouse.
  2. Autoinfo – is a plugin which allows you to show information such as users online, registered users, feed subscribers, number of posts, number of ping backs, top 3 commented posts, comments, comments per post, top three commentators and more.


  1. Admin FaviconThe plugin allows you to add a custom favicon for your WordPress Admin panel. Can help you to easily distinguish between admin and non admin tabs for your site.
  2. AfLinks – allows you to insert affiliate links into WordPress content. The plugin shows a little popup on mouse hover with a image and description of the product. The plugin is compatible for webmasters having an account with affili.net.
  3. Set Email “From” Address - The default emails that get sent out by WordPress is usually wordpress@yourdomain.com. This plugin allows you to change the from address to any email you want to so that all outgoing emails go out with your personalized email address.
  4. Berri Technorati Reactions on Dashboard - WordPress 2.3 and above displays incoming links from Google Blog Search, this plugin displays you the Technorati Reactions of your blog in the Admin Dashboard.
  5. WP-Crontrol - lets you take control over what’s happening in the WP-Cron system.
  6. Language Linker - allows you to link sister pages that are written in multiple languages.
  7. Automatic Plugin Update Checker - simply notifies users when plugin updates are available without the plugin needing to be stored in the WP plugin repository.
  8. TextMe - sends a carbon-copy of all admin emails sent via SMS to your cell phone.
  9. WordPress Admin Reminder Plugin - adds a reminder tip (in large red letters) in the top right corner of your WordPress admin pages.
  10. Theme Test Drive - lets you test out a theme while your users view only the default theme.
  11. Opt-In - uses a form to collect email addresses from users for the sake of sending mass mailings.
  12. WP-Members - restricts WordPress content to be viewable by registered site members.
  13. User Level Themes - allows a site administrator to select different themes for users with and without administrative access rights.


  1. Adsense Manager has been updated to include the new features added recently by Google.
  2. AZ-One locates the Amazon store (com, ca, co.uk, de, fr, jp) closest to your visitor and changes the associate links on your site to direct the visitor to the right store.
  3. Banner Admin allows you to manage various banner ads from different affiliate programs.

Social Bookmark

  1. Socialize Me – plugin which allows you to show custom messages to users visiting your site from Social Networking sites like StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Pownce, Twitter, Bebo and more.
  2. Social Dropdown displays several social bookmarking options in a dropdown.

Image and Video

  1. fGallery Categories Widget - allows you to show a link to the different galleries you made with the fGallery plugin.
  2. wp-richcomments - lets your blog subscribers attach flickr photos and YouTube videos to their comments.
  3. Video Embedder - makes it easy to embed videos from various sources, such as YouTube and Google Video.
  4. Benjamin Sterling Galleries - uses your current flickr and/or picasa web photo album, the power of WordPress and jQuery, and some jQuery gallery plugins to embed your photos into your site/post.
  5. Crossroads - interfaces with Flickr, Lightbox, Greybox and Highslide image galleries, adding thumbnails and Flickr photo comments to your blog entries.
  6. Minimalist Gallery - allows you to display an image gallery in posts or pages.
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  2. Thanks for including my plugin! :-)
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