Qtrax: Free and Legal Music Download

Qtrax: Free and Legal Music Download

Qtrax is finally launching on Sunday, 27.01.2008, the worlds first, 100% legal and free P2P music application. There are over 25.000.000 Songs for searching, downloading and playing.

Qtrax is is essentially billing itself as a legal, ad-supported version of the P2P services that are killing the music business, works directly with record labels and publishers, licensing thiers content for distribution online.

What’s on Qtrax:

Qtrax is NOT just another P2P network, it provides a complete system for finding and downloading music. The player provides access a web site filled with artist content, including Videos, Ringtones, Lyrics, Album Art, up to the minute artist news! Try finding THAT on any other P2P network. Even better – its FREE AND LEGAL on Qtrax.

Qtrax is iPod killer. QTrax songs can’t be played on iPods, which means it’s at best a complementary service for most people. QTrax says that will change “eventually”, but since Apple has zero interest in opening up its closed system and has fought furiously against other attempts, we’re not betting on it.

We will have to download a program and this program built on the open source Songbird platform.

For beta downloading is at midnight today available. Download Qtrax Beta here.

Download Qtrax beta for PC available here [update] (29. jan. 2008)



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  1. it is the madest thing o hit the interweb

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