WordPress: The best of and most useful WP plugins

Now is a round up of my favorite wordpress plugins, and those I deem essential for a successful wordpress blog. I’ve decided to use this entry to list all of the best and most useful Wordpress plugins, broken down into categories, and include a brief description of each.

Some of these plugins in list I personally use, and recommend to others, so improve your blog today and check them all out.

Lets GO!

[UPDATED] - See more here: Wordpress Plugins: Listed for Jan. 2008


  1. WP-Timytyping is a Wordpress plugin and used to TYPING VIETNAMESE in the posts and comments.



  1. Popularity Contest – This plugin tracks your post views etc to work out their popularity. A posts popularity is shown at the bottom of a post. Another great feature is the ability to show the most popular posts in a list, look at my sidebar to see this in action.
  2. CMS Enabling Plugins: Wordpress contains almost all the features you need to get it going as a CMS out of the box. However, you’ll find that there are a few things missing that make up the final pieces of the puzzle. Here’s an overview of the five most useful plugins I’ve found, and the part they play in making Wordpress a butt-kicking CMS.
  3. Custom Posts Per Page – used Custom Posts Per Page to control how many posts to display in different page types. I set homepage to display four posts, six posts in archive or category page, and eight posts in search result page.
  4. Post Star Rating enables users to rate posts of your weblog
  5. Add Related Posts to Your Feed – Adds Related Posts to your feed (requires Ultimate Tag Warrior or Related Posts plugin).
    In Series – Allows you to link posts together into a series of posts.
    Similar Posts – This plugin displays a list of posts which are related or similar to the current post.
    Landing Sites – Sniffs out incoming referrals. When a referral comes from a major search engine, it displays related posts.
  6. Adhesive allows you to easily mark certain posts as “Sticky”. Sticky posts appear at the top of the page when WordPress displays several posts.
    Related Posts – Shows designated number of related entries below your post.
  7. Customized More Link – A simple plugin that adds a CSS class to the default “read more” link tag
  8. WP PageNavi – it creates paginated navigation (Page 1 2 3..) so user can quickly jump between pages.
  9. WP-o-Matic allow you to create posts automatically from feeds. With its simple interface, you just type in the feed url, select in which categories you want to create the posts, and you’re ready to go.
  10. Post Updated – Automatically updates to show the last time the post was updated.
  11. Optimal Title mirrors the function of wp_title() exactly, but moves the position of the ’separator’ to after the title rather than before. This allows you to have your blog name tacked on to the end of the page title instead of having it appear first.
  12. Relative Date – Shows the amount of time that has lapsed since the post was made.
  13. Customizable Post Listings – allows you to display the most recent posts, recently commented posts, random posts, and recently modified posts. I used this plugin to display the recent posts and recent commented posts at the footer.


  1. Paged Comments – Have popular posts? Have lots of comments? Have stupidly long pages because of this? This plugin is for you, it allows you to have comment pagination to show less on a page at once.
  2. Brian’s Latest Comments – Shows the latest comments on your website.
  3. Brian’s Threaded Comments – Allows you to reply to specific comments, then places that comment directly below the original comment.
  4. Spam Karma 2 Akismet Plugin – is a standard solution for preventing spam comments.
  5. WP Ajax Edit Commentsallows users and admins alike to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a period specified by the admin, and admins can edit all post comments. What better way to show reader appreciation than letting the readers edit their own typos
  6. Comment Live Preview – Shows a preview of the comment as it is typed.
  7. Comment Timeout – Removes comments after a certain amount of time.
  8. Edit Comments - Allows commenter to edit their comment for a set amount of time after this post
  9. Gravatars2 - use Gravatars2 plugin in the comment form to display the avatar of the commenters.
  10. Globally Recognized Avatar – next to their comments on your website.
  11. Link Love – Turns off the nofollow after your users 10 comments to reward them for comments on your site. You can change the number of minimum comments.
  12. Math Comment Spam Protection – Adds a math equation to your comments field to help combat spam.
  13. Anti-Spam Image Plugin – works perfectly with users who have cookies disabled, users can pick random words to display. Alternative: reCAPTCHA
  14. MyAvatars- Displays commentator’s MyBlogLog avatar next to their comment. Also supports Gravatar.
  15. Rate Comments - Allows users to rate each post’s comments.
  16. Show Top Commentators – Encourages commenting by displaying the top commentators on your site for a set interval of time.
  17. Subscribe to Comments – Adds a box commenter’s can click to be notified via E-mail of follow up comments.
  18. Subscribe to Comments Stat Reporting – Gives you stats and reporting on who is subscribing to which posts, etc.
  19. Trackbackers – Encourages people to link to you by displaying the top blogs that have sent trackbacks over a set interval of time
  20. Bad Behavior – Prevents known spam bots from accessing your website.
  21. Spam Karma 2 – Sends all comments through various filters before they appear on your blog. This is a popular plugin for people that aren’t getting good enough results with Akismet.


  1. Recommended Tags – Adds recommended tags to WordPress (requires WordPress 2.3 or above).
  2. Simple Tagging is a smart, quick and powerful tagging plugin with high performance and low server requirements.


  1. Feedburner Feed Replacement – Feedburner is a great RSS feed publishing tool, and this plugin makes it a hell-of-a-lot easier to link the wordpress feed to your feedburner account.
  2. Better Feed – allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customisable features
  3. Feed Footer - Allows you to rotate up to 10 different footers at the bottom of your feed.
  4. FeedSmith – Forwards all WordPress feed entry clicks to your Feedburner feed.
  5. fQuick enables the user to add small custom quicklinks to the sidebar. With RSS feed for easy syndication.
  6. FireStats – Popular server-side blog metrics that tracks your visitors.
  7. Popularity Contest – Calculates the most popular posts on your website using values you provide for page views, comments, trackbacks, etc.
  8. Text Link Ads - Adds Text Link Ads to your Feed.
  9. Ultimate Google Analytics – Allows you to add Google Analytics to your blog without dealing with the source code. Great to use if you switch themes a lot (to ensure you are always tracking stats).


  1. SRG Clean Archives – Makes your archives easy to view and use. I absolutely adore this plugin, it really is an essential plugin for your blog.
    One Year Ago – Shows previous posts from that day of the year in the history of your website.
  2. Smart Archives for WordPress – will allow you to display your archives in a much “cleaner” format. You can see it in action on my archives page. You’ll notice that everything on the page is hyperlinked (years, months, posts) and that all of the respective links are future-proofed.
  3. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator – This sitemap plugin generates a sitemap containing all posts and pages of your site. It is totally customizable. It allows you to choose what to display, how they are displayed, and what to exclude.


  1. Batch Image Uploader – Allows you to upload multiple images at once.
  2. Lightbox 2.0 – overlay images on the current page for WordPress. You can turn it on and all images are now working with it. This version of lightbox – Lightbox version 2.0 uses Prototype JavaScript Framework and Scriptaculous Effects Library.
  3. ImageManager – Popular Photo and Image Editor plugin. Allows you to upload and edit (crop, rotate, scale, flip, and create thumbnails).
  4. PhotoPress – Adds a pop-up uploader to your Write Post page of your Dashboard.


  1. Podpress: all-singing, all-dancing podcasting tool for WordPress
  2. Audioplayer – makes it very easy to play mp3 files within your posts.

IV. ADMIN AREA (Dashboard)

  1. Update Manager – Checks for updated versions of all of your plugins.
  2. WordPress Instant Upgrade – Allows you to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress with the click of a button.
  3. WP Super Cache – Creates a cache of your posts, helping your blog to survive large bursts of traffic.
  4. WP-Contact Form – Helps you avoid E-mail spam by having users fill out a contact form to E-mail you. Also includes additional features including a challenge question and formatting to make it fit your webpage
  5. PXS Mail Form creates a mail form with multipart verification, various messages and an auto redirect on successful send. It is much more easy to contact with website author.
  6. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form – Hmm i wonder who wrote this plugin… eh-hem Forgetting I wrote this this plugin with Mike Cherim, it really is a wonderful bit of kit. I was using his contact forms well before we made this plugin, the plugin just makes adding a contact form to your blog a piece of cake. And with its unique anti-spam and security features, it really is a good deal.
  7. WordPress Database Backup – setups your backups to occur at almost any imaginable frequency. (Yehia Nada)
  8. WP-Database Backup – Backs up your blog (includes automatic backup features).
  9. WP-PHPMyAdmin – Gives you access to PHPMyAdmin from your Wordpress Admin console.
  10. WP-Tiger-Admin-Panel – Adds a clean and simple layout to your Dashboard, making it easy to navigate.
  11. WYSIWYG Plugin – Creates an advanced version of your Write/Edit post screen
  12. Exec-PHPThe Exec-PHP plugin allows <?php ?> tags inside the content or excerpt of your posts and pages to be executed just as in usual PHP files.
  13. Role Manager - allows you to define and manage multiple subscriber profiles – called Roles and their Capabilities. Also you can create new Roles and Capabilities.
  14. Admin Drop Down Menu – This plugin replaces admin menu and submenu with a 2 level horizontal CSS dropdown menu bar. It saves me so much time and clicks!
  15. Breadcrumb navigation plugin – is used in all static pages (located above the heading). Breadcumb navigation tells the user what page they are viewing and also allow them to quickly jump back to previous location.
  16. WP-Cache an extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then building the page from the database.


  1. Google (XML) Sitemaps – Google sitemaps is great for letting google know where your pages are so It can index your site more efficiently. But who wants to site their telling google where all your posts are? Thats where this plugin comes in handy, it generates an XML sitemap of your blog and submits it to google automatically. Great bit of kit.
  2. Search Pages – Since I have a lot of static pages and I want them to be searchable, so I installed this Search Pages plugin. Just in case you don’t know, by default WordPress (current version 2.0) does not search any static page.
  3. All-in-One SEO Pack – This plugin combines everything you could need for optimizing your site for search engines. You are able to set your homepage Title, Tags, and Description information. Then you can set it up to do the same for your individual pages, as well as add the first 160 words of your post to your individual pages description
  4. Head-Meta Description – provides an automatic meta description tag for your blog, inserting a dynamic description depending on the query-type (i.e. page you’re on). Some search engines are supposed to love this tag, so I guess we should, too.
  5. Dagon Sitemap Generator – Allows you to create a reader-friendly Sitemap for your website.
  6. Search Regex – adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress. These go beyond the standard searching capabilities, and allow you to search and replace almost any data stored on your site. In addition to simple searches you have the full power of PHP’s regular expressions at your disposal.
  7. KB Robots.txt – Helps you create a Robots.txt file for your website. (Not recommended for blogs on subdirectories)
  8. SEO Title Tag – Changes page titles on your pages and posts to make them more search engine friendly.
  9. Permalink Redirect – Does a permanent 301 redirect, as well as add the trailing “/” to your posts, and redirects your Feedburner feed.


  1. Adsense-Deluxe – Helps integrate Google Adsense advertisements into your website (including into individual posts). Also supports Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).
  2. Author Adsense – Allows blog authors to enter their Google Adsense Publisher I.D. and have ads displayed on their own posts generating revenue. Admin can set the ratio of author’s ads to administrator ads.
  3. Bankroll - Allows advertisers to buy advertising directly from you, bypassing services that take a cut of your profits.
  4. Buy Me a Beer – Displays a beer or coffee icon and provides a link to your Paypal account for readers to buy you a beverage of your choice.
  5. Got Banners – Randomizes the display order of your website’s banners. Ideal for rotating 125 x 125 banners, as well as randomly displaying affiliate links.
  6. Kontera -Makes it easy to integrate Kontera’s in-line advertising into your WordPress blog.
  7. Paypal Donate - Allows you to add a Paypal Donate button to your website.
  8. Shylock AdSense – Allows you to place Google AdSense advertisements into your posts. Also allows you to not display them until a set amount of time has passed.
  9. Text Link Ads Widget – Sign up at website then download the WordPress plugin.
  10. eMiniMall - Integrates Chitika’s eMiniMalls into your WordPress blog


  1. Sociable – Shows nice little icons in your posts to allow users to submit them to social bookmarking sites, in turn leading to more hits for you in the long run.
  2. WP-Notable – Adds social bookmarking icons below each of your posts.
  3. WP-Sociable – Adds social bookmarking icons below each of your posts.
  4. Share This – Adds a single Share This link. When clicked, it allows the user to easily bookmark the post on several social bookmarking services. You can also e-mail the post within this plugin.


  1. HTML Purified – will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a comprehensive knowledge of W3C’s specifications.
  2. Skype Online Status – Shows your Skype Online Status.
  3. WP-Polls – Allows you to easily add a Poll to your website.
  4. WP-UserOnline - Shows your online status (supports Skype, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, etc.)
  5. CSS Ajax Switcher combines the power of Server Side processing and DOM scripting to swap style sheets on the fly with the power of Ajax. If JavaScript? is disabled – UDASSS degrades gracefully to improve your website accessibility. Needless to say, it is very sexy indeed.
  6. Event Calendar lets you manage future events as an online calendar. Display upcoming events in a dynamic calendar, on a listings page, or as a list in the sidebar.
  7. Author Comment Highlighting and Author Highlighting Through Theme Options provide information about styling author’s comments
  8. WP Footnotes lets you create footnotes in your blog “on the fly”. Also paginated posts are supported.

I deem it’s enough listed. You can share yours and if you find any favorite and useful Wordpress Plugins.

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  4. very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  5. @max:

    - chọn cho mình plugin gallery ở trên, phần DISPLAYING PHOTOS & IMAGES, nếu bạn chỉ muốn viết bài và chèn ảnh vào entry trong lúc viết bài dùng upload ảnh ở thẻ upload bên dưới TinyMCE. (sử dụng phức tạp thêm chút nữa :) thì dùng NextGen Gallery như nanowings đang dùng, đầy đủ lựa chọn cho bạn —-> download)

    - muốn sửa lại đường dẫn domain/post-name/attach-name: bạn vào admin>option>permalinks sau đó chọn Date and name based (http://blog.nanowings.de/2008/03/16/sample-post/) hoặc display theo ý muốn chọn Custom structure (ví dụ: /%post-name%/%attach-name%/)

    (chú ý: muốn kích hoạt option này phải liên hệ với nhà cung cấp host của bạn yêu cầu cho sử dụng chế độ rewrite mode)

    - giới thiệu trang của bạn đi nào ;)

  6. Cảm ơn nanowings rất nhiều! Mình muốn hỏi thêm vài câu:

    - Có plug-in nào làm gallery đơn giản gọn nhẹ, cho phép upload file lên insert ở bài viết và link tới gallery và link trở lại bài viết? Nếu ko phải là gallery thì mình đã dùng Post attached image nhưng toàn bị lỗi.

    - Mình muốn sửa lại đường dẫn của của các file attach từ attachment.php?id=n thành format như của post chẳng hạn thì sửa file nào nhỉ? Có cách nào để sửa thành domain/post-name/attach-name ?

  7. @max: có rất nhiều cách để hiển thị đoạn trích ở trang chủ và sau đó là cả bài ở single.php hoặc page.php, WP hỗ trợ việc đó mà max ko cần phải dùng plugin (hạn chế dùng plugin).

    Cách 1: Nếu giao diện của bạn giống peopix, bạn chẳng cần phải làm gì hết với code, chỉ cần trong lúc soạn bài với TinyMCE ở dashboard sử dụng

    - symbol – split post with more tags – (hay dùng tổ hợp phím: Alt+Shift+T) (đối với soạn visual)
    - hoặc add < ! --more-- > (đối với soạn chế độ code)

    để chia bài viết hiển thị trích đoạn ở trang chủ.

    Cách 2: Bạn phải can thiệp vào code trong theme (hơi phức tạp 1 tý), nhưng không sao. WP hỗ trợ hàm – < ?php the_excerpt(); ?> để trích đoạn (excerpt) bài viết (demo như trang home của nanowings), trong trường hợp này bạn chỉ cần tìm < ?php the_content(); ?> ở trang chủ của bạn thay nó bằng < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>. (nguyên tắc làm việc của nó như bạn hỏi: trang chủ hiện trích đoạn (trả lời: < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>), trang sau hiện cả bài (trả lời: chính là < ?php the_content(); ?> trong single.php và page.php))

    Cách 3: Sử dụng plugin: Các phiên bản trước của WP ko có < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>, do đó có plugin hỗ trợ, bạn dùng plugin phải thay hàm của nó như cách 2 bằng hàm của tác giả plugin định nghĩa, nanowings có sử dụng 1 plugin để viết timy-latestheadlines.php, bạn hãy download zip đó về trong đó có excerpt plugin.

  8. @fairywings: Bạn có thể nói cho mình 2 cách hiển thị bài viết ở trang chủ là bài rút gọn của bài chi tiết, hoặc là 1 nội dung khác với bài chi tiết bên trong được không? Mình chỉ biết sử dụng Custom Fields và Optional Excerpt nhưng như vậy thì phải sửa template và phải theo 1 form nhất định. Kiểu ntn: http://www.peopix.com/. Cảm ơn bạn!

  9. @max: ý bạn hiển thị bài viết kiểu đoạn trích ở trang chủ, sau đó hiện cả bài (chi tiết) ở trang sau, hay như thế nào, bạn có thể nói rõ hơn được ko? mình nghĩ là giúp được bạn.

  10. Mình muốn tạo 1 bài viết giới thiệu ở bên ngoài và bài viết chi tiết bên trong kiểu CMS thì dùng plugin nào hả bạn?

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